Our Services

Scheduled Pickups and Deliveries

Routine deliveries area as easy to set up as they are to adjust.  Whether you need morning or evening deliveries, weekly or daily, Durham Courier can work with your schedule.  

Certified Check Delivery

Durham Courier is licensed with the NC Department of Public Safety as a Professional Courier Service.  We carry General Liability and Cargo Insurance with indusrty specific coverage.  Your checks or other sensitive documents will be in trusted hands from door to door, with the backing to set you and your clients at ease.

Permit and Plan Pickup and Delivery

Save time and have us go pick up your permit from Durham’s Development Services Center.  We can also pickup your plans from the a number of printing service centers.  No more need to wait around in line or struggle with downtown parking.  Call today to find out more!

Expedited Mail Service

Can’t wait around because your the last stop on the postal run, let us pick it up and make your stop first on the list! Need to get something to the post office for the next postal pickup, or the last one of the day? We offer same day and rush service to your prefered postal carrier.

Banking and Payroll

Is running to the bank for deposits becoming a burden instead of a nice jaunt out of the office? Sorry to hear that, we’ve got the time though. Give us a call and we’ll make the run for you.

Online Ordering Food/ Retail Delivery

Coming Soon!

Need something from Public Hardware but your always working while they’re open? Tired of waiting forever for car delivery to find parking while your food goes cold?  Is your work crew unravelling because the office bag of coffee ran out?  Summer/ Fall 2019 Durham Courier will launch an online ordering platform giving Durham fast, friendly delivery of their favorite food and goods.  Stay tuned as we begin to announce who we’ll be partnering with!

Outside Downtown Durham?

No problem!  While we do focus on bicycle delivery in the greater downtown Durham area, we use cars to also service Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Raleigh, Cary, and Morrisville.  Call today to discuss your Triangle delivery solution!

Service Zone Map

Zone Pricing

Same Day*

2 hr

1 hr

30 min

Zone 1

$6 $8 $12 $16

Zone 2

$8 $10 $15 $20

Zone 3

$10 $12 $18 $24
All deliveries with a pickup or drop off outside of Zone 3 will be assessed an additional fee of $2 per mile
* Same day orders must be in by 11am the day of.


Extra Weight

Any item over 20lbs. is assessed a charge of $.50 per additional pound


Any object delivered that is larger than 21’’ may be assessed an additional fee:

  • 22” – add $2
  • 33’’ – add $4
  • Items over 33″ – Contact us to receive a quote.

Waiting Time

If a delivery requires a rider to wait longer than 5 minutes, a $.50 per minute fee is assessed.

Add a Stop

Applies when a delivery requires multiple stops pertaining to a specific job. Each additional stop will be assessed a fee
that is equal to half the primary delivery cost.

Round Trip

Packages that need to be returned to the first pick-up location are charged twice the primary delivery cost.

Extra Distance

If there is a pick up or drop off outside of zone 3, an additional fee of $2 per mile will be assessed.

Inclement Weather

If severe weather creates hazardous road conditions, an additional fee of 25% of the primary delivery cost is assessed to
insure hazard pay for courier. For example, heavy winds/ rain, snow/ ice.

Miscellaneous Charges

Additional fees may be charged for wrong addresses, attempted pick-ups, and last-minute cancellations, or for delivery jobs
that are just outside of Zone 3.